Law of Cosines Activity

Law of Cosines Free Bingo Activity

Law of Cosines Bingo! game

A low prep activity where students engage in a bingo game to solve for missing sides and angles in this cosine law geometry activity.

Questions are projected on the board using the included PowerPoint. You can change the order of these if you want.

This is a great way to engage students in a spiral review activity; students love the pace and competition of the activity. The game comes complete with printable unique bingo cards for up to 36 students.

Alternatively, there is a no print option where students draw their own 3 by 3 grid and choose nine numbers from the board.

If the answer to a slide is their number they cross it off. The first student who crosses off all nine numbers and calls out 'bingo!' is the winner. (For a speed version it can be the first to get a row or column). Usually, there is a small prize for the winner.

I have a collection of free math games and resources that you are welcome to access:


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