Rounding to Decimal Places and Significant Figures

Rounding to decimal places and significant figures math classroom activity

A bingo activity on rounding to decimal places and significant figures.

For this activity, questions are projected on the board. You can change the order of these if you want.

Comes complete with printable unique bingo cards for up to 36 students.
Alternatively, there is a no print option where students draw their own 3 by 3 grid and choose nine numbers from the board. 

If the answer to a slide is their number they cross it off. The first student who crosses off all nine numbers and calls out 'bingo!' is the winner. (For a speed version it can be the first to get a row or column). Usually, there is a small prize for the winner.

I have a collection of free math games and resources that you are welcome to access:


Math Infographics

Why use infographics in your teaching resource blog or website?

1. Infographics are a traffic magnet.

This is particularly true if you are using Pinterest to market your site. 

Volume & Surface Area of a Sphere InfographicWhen pinning other peoples pins, ideally you want pins that will attract saves making your boards look popular but not take your visitor to another site by encouraging a click to a competing site. Other people's infographics are ideal for this as they are a self-contained package of information that does not invite a click through to discover more.
Generally, it is a good idea to pin other peoples content on Pinterest but when you do, pin infographics!

2. Infographics are quickly processed by the human brain.

Because we are very visual creatures, we are drawn to infographics as we can quickly process what they are about and

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