Trig Identities Activity

Trigonometric Identities Puzzle Activity

This activity is designed for students to practice recognizing and simplifying trigonometric identities.
Students cut out the shapes in the printout and put them together by matching questions and answers on corresponding sides to create the shape in the given solution. There are 21 questions to match with their corresponding answers on the puzzle pieces.

The puzzle uses fundamental trig. identities to facilitate the simplification of trigonometric expressions. This is a fun way to practice these trig identities to build up a thorough knowledge of the identities. High-school students can get an in-depth knowledge of identities like quotient, reciprocal, cofunction and Pythagorean identities. Learn to simplify, prove and evaluate expressions too.
In this trigonometric identities activity students will use the identities:

 tanx =sin⁡x/cos⁡x 
 sin2x + cos2x = 1
sec x = 1/cos x
csc x = 1/sinx
cot x = 1/tan x
sec2x = 1 + tan2x 
csc2x = 1 + cot2x

Your PreCalculus Honors students will love this activity. Fundamental Identities of trigonometry are covered here, acting as an ideal review activity before covering the concepts of advanced trigonometry in more depth.

Students will be able to:

★ simplify basic identities

★ factor basic identities

★ simplify identities

The activity covers the common core standards addressed in HSF-TF.C.8, HSA-SSE.B.3, HSA-SSE.A.2

As students learn to manipulate identity proofs, it is useful to have immediate feedback for them to confirm the proof was correctly done. The puzzle fulfills this by having a correct matching answer to line up with and ultimately form the complete hexagon.

This engaging trig identity activity is designed for  PreCalculus students. Students must use a combination of their reasoning skills, their algebraic skills along with their knowledge of trigonometric identities to help them solve the puzzle. The puzzle has 30 questions to be matched with a solution. The selection of questions has been selected to help review and achieve mastery of the basic trig functions. The rules used to solve the equations are the Pythagorean identities, the reciprocal laws, and the quotient identities.
Included with the puzzle pieces is a completed solution answer key. 
There are many ways to use this resource; it can be used during the initial lessons on trigonometric identities or later on as a review activity. The puzzle can also be done individually or as a pair or group work activity.

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