Cones and Spheres Activity

Cones and Spheres Bingo Game Activity

A free low prep bingo game where students calculate areas and volumes for cones and spheres, including problem-solving questions, in this geometry game activity.

Questions are projected on the board using the included PowerPoint. You can change the order of these if you want. This is a great way to engage students in a spiral review activity; students love the pace and competition of the activity. 

It comes complete with printable unique bingo cards for up to 36 students. Alternatively, there is a no print option where students draw their own 3 by 3 grid and choose nine numbers from the board.
If the answer to a slide is their number they cross it off. The first student who crosses off all nine numbers and calls out 'bingo!' is the winner. (For a speed version it can be the first to get a row or column). Usually, there is a small prize for the winner.

I have a collection of free math games and resources that you are welcome to access:


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