Some Great FREE Apps for Math Teachers

If you are a Math Teacher, these apps can help make your life easier and liven up your lessons.

Scanner Pro:

Snap a photo of a worksheet, handwritten notes, images, etc, and Scanner Pro will turn it into a pdf document for you; the perfect format to send to students by email or filesharing.

My Script Calculator:

Just write your calculations onto the touchscreen of your phone and My Script Calculator will interpret your handwritten calculations and provide an answer just like a traditional calculator would without having to use buttons.


Add this app into your marking schedule to save you hours of time. Create multichoice cards and scan your students' responses to get an instant grade.

Mind Vector:

For you or your students to create mind maps. Particularly useful for revision sessions.


A beautiful and sophisticated graphing app.


Build up a library of online quizzes that students love to compete with online in class. There are thousands you can access that have already been created by other teachers. Students can use their own phones if computer access is a problem.


Create flashcards for your topic.


Folder your documents, scan in notes, keep a task list, get reminders and generally organize your life!

If you are a math teacher I will email you a FREE resource from my TPT store. There are lessons, activities, worksheets, homework, games, and puzzles to choose from. Click on the image to receive your teaching resource.

Some more of my math games that you may enjoy:



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